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Information technology has changed the social and business environment. It often deals with methods and tools used to gather, manipulate, store and communicate information. It also helps businesses, service providers and individuals to help them build a better business and demonstrate their aptitude on a larger scale. However, sometimes it can become difficult to use the new technology, so that is why Nawal Al Zoghby is here to help you.

We are a multimedia blog spot dedicated to providing the highest quality and unbiased content, resources and latest news centred on emerging technology, Internet of Things, networking and related disciplines. We examine how emerging technology changes life and have a unique viewpoint that technology should be fun and easy to use, so here we are covering a range of topics from computers to the internet, multimedia and filtering.

Here you will find everything related to computing, multimedia, internet safety, networking and the emerging technology. Nawal Al Zoghby brings expertise in the area of cloud, cybersecurity, data centres, network infrastructure and much more. We deliver in-depth and unbiased coverage of networking products, trends and issues covering Wi-Fi, network attached storage and smart home technologies and provide our readers with the information they need to easily, efficiently and quickly assess suppliers and determine the best technology solutions.

At Nawal Al Zoghby, we believe that information brings awareness of the people, events and opportunities our world has to offer so that is why we are here generating awareness among all about the most recent innovation, news and media, web filtering solutions and insights into the IT industry.

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